The Pico Rejuvenation Series

What does this do for your skin?

  • Removes pigmentation, age spots & blemishes
  • Rejuvenates skin, improving skin texture & tone
  • Brightens & lightens skin in all skin types

The Pico Rejuvenation series is our signature skin rejuvenation treatment that removes age spots, blemishes & sun damage. This treatment reverses skin aging & improves skin texture & tone without the downtime of traditional fractional lasers.

The Pico Rejuvenation Series; key points

  • Removes superficial & deep pigment in all skin types
  • Is the most popular skin rejuvenation treatment for darker & ethnic skin
  • Consists of 4 sessions, spaced 4 weeks apart
  • Has a super quick recovery of 12 hours
  • Employs the most technologically advanced lasers using our bespoke settings
  • Improves fine lines, enlarged pores & superficial scarring

What types of pigmentation can be removed with the Pico Rejuvenation Series?

This series addresses age spots, sun damage, freckles, post-inflammatory pigment, & mixed pigment in Asian & ethnic skin types.

Apart from pigmentation, pico lasers can reduce enlarged pores & fine lines.

Can melasma be treated with the Pico laser?

Melasma treatments with pico are performed with far different settings as we want to limit the amount of laser energy (& heat) to the area. Briefly-

  • Melasma settings are more conservative & cost effective
  • Have less recovery (0.5 hours compared to 12 hours)

For melasma patients, the Pico Melasma Series is indicated.

What is the science behind The Pico Rejuvenation series?

Pico lasers are the most technologically advanced way of skin rejuvenation as they remove pigmentation & stimulate collagen production at the same time whilst keeping recovery to a minimum. The secret behind this technology is the super high amount of energy delivered with minimal heating of the skin’s surface.

Sound energy creates tiny bubbles in the upper layers of skin called LIOBs or laser induced optical breakdown. This produces growth factors that trickle down to the deeper layers of skin causing a cascade of collagen stimulation.

The Picosure Pro & Picoway laser are the pinnacle of laser technology. They can erase pigmentation in all skin types with no downtime & minimal discomfort.

How long is the recovery time?

36 hours. This makes it the shortest recovery treatment (on earth) with the maximal amount of collagen stimulation & pigment removal. This compares favorably with chemical peels (up to 14 days recovery) or fractional laser resurfacing (6 to 9 day recovery).

How many sessions before I see a difference?

One session will yield a noticeable reduction in pigmentation, whilst a series of 4 sessions will compound & amplify the results.

You can expect a 50-90% reduction in pigment with a single session, however wrinkle removal & pore size reduction will require a series of sessions.

Attaining the best skin pigmentation results involves a personalized approach with advanced treatments, tailored skincare, and consistent sun protection for a luminous and even-toned complexion.

Want to supercharge your results?

The Glow Series is our clinic’s signature skin rejuvenation treatment, combining the power of DNA stimulating injectables with Picosure Pro. In short-

  • Treatment by Dermatologist Dr Davin Lim using his own special laser settings
  • Picosure laser + Rejuran DNA stimulating injectable
  • Recovery time of 36 hours
  • Removes pigmentation, fine lines, wrinkles, blemishes
  • Rejuvenates skin age by up to 10 years

More on The Glow Series

What differences are there between the Series treatments?

Keeping it simple, if you have melasma, the Pico Melasma Series is for you. The Pico Rejuvenation series improves skin pigment & texture, whilst the Glow Series adds an injectable.

The Fraxel series is only suitable for lighter skin types & provides better results, albeit longer downtime.

Treatment Type

Number of Sessions


Side Effects

Pico Rejuvenation 4 sessions 16 hour recovery Non-melasma pigment
Glow series 3 sessions Incl. injectable 36 hour recovery All types of pigment
Fraxl series 3 sessions 6 day recovery Lighter skin types

Can this be used on all skin types?

The Pico Rejuvenation series can safely & effectively be used on all skin types, including ethnic & Asian skin.

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