The Melasma Pico Series

What does this do for your pigmentation?

  • Removes melasma pigmentation
  • Rejuvenates skin, reduces dullness
  • Skin lightening & improved luminosity
  • Skin brightening

The Melasma Pico series is our most popular treatment at The Melasma Clinic. This program consists of 4 pico laser sessions using our state of the art Picosure Pro laser. Results are seen within 2 weeks, with zero downtime. This treatment provides the highest rate of melasma clearance.

The Melasma Pico Series; key points

  • Provides the most effective way to remove/reduce melasma pigment
  • Has no recovery time
  • Is gentle & is both safe/effective on all skin types incl. darker skin
  • Results seen within 2 weeks
  • Takes 4 sessions for optimal outcomes
  • Highest clearance of any melasma treatment

What is the science behind The Melasma Pico series?

The pico laser provides the fastest way to reduce melasma production by treating both the cause of melasma & the symptoms.

Lasers can reduce pigment output by the pigment cells known as melanocytes. They also work by breaking down dark pigment in the upper & lower part of skin. Unlike normal lasers, pico lasers generate very little heat, making it a safe & effective method for pigment removal in all skin types.

What is involved with pico laser treatment?

Pico laser toning for melasma takes less than 5 minutes to perform & is well tolerated.

  • Skin is cleansed, make up & sunscreen is removed.
  • Pico laser is performed over melasma & pigment areas. The treatment feels like tiny nettle stings. Cool air reduces discomfort. The actual laser time ranges from 90 to 180 seconds in total.
  • Skin is slightly pink after treatment.
  • Skin is back to normal within 3 hours of the laser. Makeup can be worn thereafter.

How long is the recovery time?

Your skin is fully recovered within 3 hours.

How many sessions before I see a difference?

Though results can be seen with one session, a series of 4 sessions will yield the best results. Treatments are spaced 3 weeks apart.

Attaining the best skin pigmentation results involves a personalized approach with advanced treatments, tailored skincare, and consistent sun protection for a luminous and even-toned complexion.

Can this be used on all skin types?

The Melasma Clinic employs the most advanced laser systems to safely & effectively treat melasma in all skin colors, including ethnic & Asian skin.

What is the difference between pico lasers & other types of lasers?

Pico lasers are specifically designed to treat melasma & other forms of pigmentation in light & darker skin types. Unlike other lasers & IPL, pico lasers shatter pigment via sound waves & no heat. Too much heat in the skin will flare up melasma pigment.

Pico lasers cost upwards of ¼ million dollars, hence why very few clinics have them. Normal lasers cost between $10,000 to $80,000. These are the ones found in many laser clinics as they are much cheaper to purchase.

The Pico Melasma series has the highest melasma clearance rate of up to 85%. It does this with zero recovery time.

How does the Melasma Series compare to Cosmelan peel?

Though we love the Cosmelan Peel (& Dermamelan) for melasma, the disadvantage of this treatment is the super long recovery time for chemical peels- upwards of 7-14 days. The pico laser provides effective pigment reduction with no recovery/downtime.

Cosmelan is effective in 60% of melasma cases, whilst pico has an efficacy of over 80%.

Treatment Type

Number of Sessions


Best For

The Melasma Pico Series 4 sessions 0.5 hour recovery Best for melasma
Cosmelan Peel 1 session 7-14 day recovery Best for melasma

How does The Glow Series compare to The Melasma Pico series?

The Glow Series also provides anti-aging benefits as it reduces fine lines & wrinkles, enlarged pores & skin laxity, in addition to improving melasma pigmentation. It combines pico laser with collagen stimulating injectables.

The Melasma Pico series is only aimed at reducing pigmentation without any injectables.

Treatment Type

Number of Sessions


Best For

The Glow Series 3 sessions 36 hour recovery Best for pigment & anti-aging
The Melasma Pico Series 4 session 0.5 hour recovery Best for melasma

How does The Melasma Pico Series compare to The Rejuvenation Pico series?

The Rejuvenation Pico series employs pico lasers in a special setting to deliver higher amounts of energy into the skin’s surface. This results in faster clearance of non-melasma pigment, in addition to providing collagen stimulation.

Whilst this sounds attractive for melasma patients, this setting will often flare up pigment, & hence it is not used for melasma prone patients. Melasma requires gentle treatments to place pigment cells in ‘sleep mode’.

Treatment Type

Number of Sessions


Best For

The Melasma Pico Series 4 sessions 0.5 hour recovery Best for melasma
Rejuvenation Pico Series 4 sessions 2-4 hour recovery day recovery Best for non-melasma pigment, skin rejuvenation

How do I know what skin series is right for me?

Book a consultation with our clinical team to see which program is right for your condition. With careful clinical examination we can guide you accordingly to ensure your skin goals are met.

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