ethnic skin

Skin Care: Ethnic Skin

What are the differences between ethnic skin & fair skin types? Pigmentation. This accounts for 95% of skin consults in darker skin patients. Inflammation in lighter skin patients goes red, … Learn more

Melasma clinic faqs

Clinical FAQs and more

Clinical FAQs Can I use my own skincare products? Yes, if you know what you are doing, however it is best to check with your treating clinician.  Here is a … Learn more

cosmelan peel warning

5 Reasons NOT to Cosmelan peel

The Cosmelan Peel is the most popular melasma peel as it addresses overproduction of pigmentation. This two phase peeling program incorporates an in-office mask application followed by a curated range … Learn more

Melasma clinic faqs

Prescription FAQs

Is tretinoin / retinol good for pigmentation? Tretinoin or retinol are retinoid creams. They are frequently used as a pigment corrector in many different types of creams. They are useful … Learn more

Melasma clinic faqs

Clinic & Appointment FAQs

The Appointment +How do I get an appointment? As the clinic only sees 10 new patients per week, your condition will be triaged by our clinical team. You will need … Learn more


Pigmentation skin care guide

What creams are best for pigmentation? There are many ingredients that can reduce unwanted pigmentation. Their success is largely dependent on the cause of pigmentation. Look for the following ingredient … Learn more