Know Your Pigmentation

Understanding pigmentation is the very first step in effectively treating pigment. Our clinicians are trained by dermatologists to correctly identify the level of pigment & employ the very latest lasers & chemical peels to predictably & safely remove unwanted pigment in all skin types, including complex pigmentation in Asian or ethnic skin.


What it looks like: Pigment affecting the cheeks, forehead, upper lip & jawline. More common in women. Common in darker skin ethnicities.

Treatment: Picosecond lasers, chemical peels & medical therapy.

Outcome: 85% of melasma can be treated

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Post inflammatory hyperpigmentation or PIH

What it looks like: Spotty pigment which is darker than the surrounding skin. PIH occurs as a result of inflammation or injury to the skin, such as acne, insect bites, or cuts.

Treatment: Picosecond lasers, chemical peels & pigment correctors

Outcome: Pico lasers accelerate pigment clearance by a factor of ten.

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Ethnic skin rejuvenation

Clinical features: Dark pigment affecting the face in Asian, Middle Eastern & Latino skin. Usually a mix of superficial & deep pigmentation.

Treatment: Picosecond lasers, chemical peels & medical therapy.

Outcome: Pigmentation can be effectively & safely removed with the latest lasers.

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Clinical features: Pigment affecting the cheeks, nose, chest & decolletage areas. More common in lighter skin types, but not infrequently seen in Asians.

Treatment: Lasers, chemical peels & skincare.

Outcome: Freckles can be treated within 1-2 sessions.

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Dark circles

Clinical features: Dark circles often appear under the eyes. They can make you look tired & are common cosmetic concerns. They are due to genetics, allergies, age & lack of sleep.

Treatment: skin care, lasers & dermal fillers

Outcome: most forms of dark circles can be improved. Treatment depends on the cause.

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Age spots

Clinical features: Patches of pigmentation due to age & UV exposure. Occurs on the face, chest & decolletage areas.

Treatment: Fractional & pico lasers, chemical peels, skin care

Outcome: Complete removal in 1-2 sessions using advanced lasers

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Clinical features: Grey or brown patches on both cheeks around the eye area. Hori nevus are more common in Asian women in their 30s to 50s.

Treatment: Picosecond lasers & dermal toning lasers.

Outcome: Hori can be effectively treated with lasers. Clearance is permanent.

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Dark Armpits

Clinical features: Dark patches in the underarm/armpit areas, more common in ethnic patients. 

Treatment: Anti-inflammatories & pico lasers.

Outcome: Identifying the source of inflammation is the first step.

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