Freckles are one of the most common forms of pigmentation. Specialists employ chemical peels, IPL, fractional lasers, pico lasers & skin care to effectively treat freckling. Learn more about how we approach freckling.


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SPF, pigment correctors

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The science of treating freckles

  • Freckle treatments are predictable in outcome
  • Fractional lasers & IPL are other forms of freckle treatment
  • Skincare can markedly reduce freckle recurrences
  • Picosecond lasers provide the fastest clearances with the least downtime
  • Cosmelan & Dermamelan peels are effective albeit recovery times of 1-2 weeks

The Picosure Pro has revolutionized the treatment of freckles. It has similar clearances as IPL or BBL with much faster recovery times. Additionally pico laser treatments are much more comfortable compared to IPL treatment.

What is the difference between freckles & other forms of pigmentation?

Freckles frequently present on the nose & cheeks in fair skin patients, however they do occur in ethnic & Asian skin. As freckles are superficial in nature, they are relatively straightforward to treat. One to two sessions of laser or peels, can markedly improve the appearance of freckles.

What are our best treatments for freckles?

Pico lasers or peels are the best way to clear freckling. Lasers have many advantages over peels as the results are better & downtime is minimal. Though we endorse the Cosmelan peel for melasma, pico lasers provide better results & less costs.

How many laser sessions will I require & when will I see results?

Results can be seen within one to two treatment sessions. Freckle clearance can be expected within 5 days & continue to improve over the next week or two.

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What is the best way to treat freckles in Asian skin types?

Picosure Pro or Picoway are the best lasers to treat pigmentation & freckling in darker skin types. These lasers are more accurate in their delivery of light energy as opposed to IPL, with fewer side effects & downtime. The majority of freckles can be treated in 1-2 sessions.

The Melasma Clinic difference

Our specialist clinic is overseen by dermatologists who provide a comprehensive & bespoke approach to skin care. We take into account the complexity and individuality of your skin. Our pigment solutions include preventing future recurrences of melasma. Our ethos is to improve & maintain your skin’s health & vitality as an ongoing commitment to our patients.

What is the fastest way to treat freckles?

The fastest way to treat freckling is to treat them with lasers. At the Melasma Clinic we employ-

  • Pico lasers for now downtime freckle removal
  • CuRAS Q switch lasers
  • Fractional lasers
  • Chemical peels
  • IPL

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If I can identify the cause of pigmentation, chances are I can treat it. This can only be achieved with careful real time examination…

What types of chemical peels can treat freckles?

Our clinicians are experts with chemical peels. The two most frequently used peels to treat freckles are the Dermamelan Peel & the Jessner-TCA peel.

We also use the following peels for freckles-

  • Glycolic & lactic acid peels: requires 4-5 sessions
  • Jessner peels: 2-3 sessions
  • Cosmelan peels: 1 session
  • Retinoic acid peels: 3-5 sessions

What is the Cosmelan peel & is it effective?

The Cosmelan peel is a novel peeling solution for freckles & pigmentation. It removes 60-80% of freckles in one treatment, however it is associated with prolonged recovery of nearly one week.

A better, more cost effective solution is Picosure Pro laser. This has little to no recovery, costs less, clears more pigmentation, & only requires 1-2 sessions for maximum effectiveness.

Can glycolic peels treat freckles?

AHA peels such as glycolic & lactic acid are good ways to treat freckles & pigmentation. The downside is that they require 3-5 sessions over 4 to 10 weeks for maximum results.

Unlike Cosmelan peels, AHA peels have no recovery time.

Peel type


Number of sessions


Glycolic Nil 5 $
Cosmelan 7 days 1 $$$
Jessner TCA 8 days + 1 $$$$

What is a simple skin care routine to reduce freckles & pigment?

AM: Antioxidants incl. Vitamin C & E, SPF

PM: AHAs; glycolic + salicylic acid serum

The biggest traction you will receive is to get your sunscreen application correct. This means using the right amount of sunscreen (2.5 to 5 mls), twice daily, regardless of sun exposure.

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A SummaryTreating freckles

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As basic as it comes, however in all cases, freckles will recur. It is about educating the patient to prolong remission rates as freckling, by definition, is uber sun dependent. Freckles will darken in summer & lighten in winter. Spontaneous fading of up to 50% can be expected during the low UV months- especially if you live in the Northern Hemispheres.

Picosecond lasers have revolutionized freckle treatment as they can provide a gentle fade, or, if required total elimination of pigment, depending on the settings. We employ both the Picoway or Picosure Pro laser, either device is equally as effective. The advantage of picosecond lasers is the extra level of safety, especially in darker ethnic skin types.

For absolute freckle removal, the old fashioned Jessner TCA peel works a treat. Jessner has resorcinol, lactic acid & salicylic acid. The TCA concentration I employ most frequently is 35%. The skin is prepped with tretinoin & acetone, the peel applied in 2-3 coats with total epidermal sliding- namely gray sliding of the skin. This provides complete removal of the epidermis & upper dermal layer, removing 99% of freckles in one swift peel. Recovery is epic. 2-3 days of swelling, 4-7 days of redress & inflamed skin, 4 more days of recovery. New skin in 10-14 days, one session. This procedure is done under sedation, yes, it is painful.