Clinic & Appointment FAQs


Dr Davin Lim | Dermatologist The Melasma Clinic, Brisbane | Sydney

Though we use artificial intelligence to crawl through the answers, each answer has been carefully programmed by our dermatologist. They are not generic answers generated by Chat GPT. 

Disclaimer: clinical answers are based upon probability not possibility. For more accurate diagnosis & an in depth treatment plan, visit us for a real time appointment in Brisbane or Sydney. 

The Appointment

+How do I get an appointment?

As the clinic only sees 10 new patients per week, your condition will be triaged by our clinical team. You will need to fill out an expression of interest form & submit this with photos. Our admin team will contact you regarding an appointment time. 

+Do I need a referral?

A referral is not required to see our dermatologist or cosmetic physicians, as cosmetic treatments are not covered by Medicare. 

Exceptions include- 

  1. If you are seen by a dermatologist for medical conditions, a rebate applies. 
  2. If you are treated by a dermatologist for specific conditions that are not deemed cosmetic in nature. 

*Most patients do not get a referral as the rebate is only $78 (for dermatologist review). Additionally getting a referral is not a guarantee of an appointment with Dr Davin Lim as his work is high-end-complex procedural. Most cases of melasma & pigmentation is managed by our cosmetic physician. 

+How do I get a referral?

Goto your GP, state your condition, ask for a referral to see Dr Davin Lim, dermatologist. A referral from your GP lasts 12 months. A referral allows you to claim $78 back from Medicare for your initial consultation. 

GP referrals last 12 months. Referrals from specialists are valid for only 3 months. 

+What are our wait times for appointments?

Wait times will vary depending on our patient load, ranging from 3 weeks to 8 months. The Melasma Clinic only sees 10 new cases per week as this assures quality care & treatment. 

Wait times will vary depending on who you would like to see. 

+How do I get an urgent appointment?

Our clinicians will review your application process & triage your condition accordingly to ensure you are seen in a timely manner.

Alternatively you can ask your dermatologist to fast track an appointment to see Dr Davin Lim. 

+How long is the consultation or appointment?

Appointment times vary depending on the complexity of your condition. It can be as short as 15 minutes or as long as 40 minutes. During the consultation we will go through your diagnosis & treatment plan, including appropriate skin care, lasers & peels. 

+Do we offer a virtual consultation?

Virtual consultations can be arranged with Dr Davin Lim. The fee is $490 AUD per consultation. This can be arranged via 

You should be aware that there are limitations with virtual namely-

  1. Diagnosis is limited by photographic resolution.
  2. A dermatoscopic examination can not be performed, this is important to ascertain the depth of pigment.
  3. A treatment plan using lasers & peels can not be executed virtually. This is an important factor to consider as the fastest way of treating your melasma can not be performed. 

Virtual consults should be viewed as a strategic management plan for pigmentation cases or as a second option. 

+Do you treat overseas visitors?

Yes, however we do recommend a virtual consultation prior to the visit. This allows us to plan your treatment in a timely manner.  Virtual consultations to see Dr Davin Lim can be arranged via his website, 

+How do I get an appointment with Dr Davin Lim?

Appointments are triaged as this enables us to match your concerns with the correct clinician. Your case will be shown to Davin, & providing there is an available appointment, you will be contacted. 

Given the limited number of appointments available, Davin has given preference to more complex cases such as-

  • Combination Picosure + injectable treatments (The Glow Series)
  • Complex pigment such as Ota/Hori/CALM birthmarks
  • Pigment – CO2 resurfacing & skin rejuvenation

+Can I have treatment on the same day?

We will do our very best to accommodate treatment on the same day, especially for melasma patients. This depends on the complexity of your pigmentation & the planned treatment. 

Conditions that require a second booking for treatment include-

  • Skin rejuvenation using pico or fractional lasers (required numbing)
  • Complex pigment including birthmarks (may require eye protection) 
  • Complex melasma treatments including chemical peels
  • High energy treatments requiring numbing cream prior

The Clinic

+Where is the clinic located?

We have two locations in Australia, one in Sydney & the other in Brisbane.

Sydney- 97 Jersey road, Woollahra. 

Brisbane- 185 Moggill road, Taringa & Cnr of Clarence & Lambert road Indooroopilly.

+Where do I get parking?

The clinics in Brisbane have available parking, the Sydney clinic in Woollahra has off street parking, however this is very limited. It can take up to & beyond 15 minutes to find parking. 

Patients in Sydney should get there 30 minutes before the appointment, or Uber it. 

+What’s the difference between The Melasma Clinic & cosmetic clinics?

At The Melasma Clinic, your condition will be overseen by a dermatologist, should you be granted an appointment with one. A cosmetic physician, trained by dermatologists will also manage your pigment. 

+How do I get an appointment?

We have an expression of interest application form for our Sydney clinic as we only see 10 new cases per week. Once you apply, we will contact you regarding wait time & appointment availability. 

For the Brisbane clinic, you can book to see one of the nurses at Cutis Dermatology. 

+What lasers do we have?

The Melasma Clinic has access to over 40 lasers & energy devices, the most in the Southern Hemisphere. We keep up to date with the very latest technology & our repertoire is updated monthly. They include-

  • Pico lasers; Picoway & Picosure Pro
  • CO2 lasers; Ultrapulse, eCO2 , Deka, Mixto, Hybrid, CO2RE
  • QSL; Spectra, Hollywood Spectra, C6, RevLite, Pastelle, QRas
  • Fractional: Dual Fraxel, Hybrid, Lase MD Ultra, Clear + Brilliant
  • IPL/ BBL: M22, BBL Sciton
  • Vascular: VBeam Prima, Perfecta, Excel V, DermaV, Scition 1064 NdYag, Lightsheer

+Can lasers be used on dark skin?

Yes. At the Melasma Clinic we have specific lasers for darker skin. They include the Picoway & Picosure Pro. Additionally we have fractional lasers with super short pulse durations.

All lasers & settings are checked by our specialist dermatologists. For darker skin – ethnic patients or complex cases, Dr Davin Lim may be involved in your treatment. 

+How much does melasma laser cost?

Laser cost depends on who does it, & what it is used for. As a guide- 

  • Pico Melasma series: $2340 for 4 sessions. This is the most effective way to treat melasma. 
  • Single Pico laser treatment: $740 (melasma only). Best results are seen after a series of 4 sessions, spaced 2-4 weeks apart.
  • Q switch laser / dermal toning: from $1600 for 4 sessions.

+Do we have other branches in Sydney?

No, we only have one clinic in Woollahra. 

The Fees

+Do we bulk bill?

We do not bulk bill as we are a private clinic. In complex pigment cases, your dermatologist may refer you to a public hospital for medical management. Hospitals we refer to in Sydney include Royal North Shore, Westmead, & Sutherland. 

Our consultation fees are-

  • Cosmetic physician consultation $210
  • Dermatologist consultation $340* 
  • Virtual consultation by Dr Davin Lim, $490 AUD

+Do I need a referral?

A referral is not required, however if you have a valid referral you can claim a rebate of $78 if you are seen by a dermatologist. A referral is not required to claim laser treatment* for select cases performed by a physician. 

*Medicare only rebates Ota, birthmark & some other forms of pigment. Melasma, post inflammatory hyperpigmentation & skin rejuvenation can not be claimed. 


**Referrals are useful to expedite your treatments by a dermatologist, especially in the Sydney clinic. A dermatologist can refer you to see Dr Davin Lim. Note: The Sydney branch is a cosmetic dermatology clinic, if you have complex pigment you may need to travel to Cutis Dermatology in Brisbane. 

+How much is the appointment or consultation fee?

Fees are stratified –

  • Cosmetic physician $210
  • Dermatologist $340* 
  • Virtual consultation by Dr Davin Lim, $490 AUD

Medicare Rebate* $78 applies to real time consultation with a valid referral.

*(How much you get back from Medicare.)

+What is the consultation fee for Dr Davin Lim?

Consultation fee is $340 

Virtual consultation fee $490 AUD

Medicare Rebate* $78 applies to real time consultation with a valid referral.

*(How much you get back from Medicare.)

+Is the consultation fee covered by Medicare?

A $78 rebate applies if you see a dermatologist with a referral. 

Note; for standard pigmentation disorders such as melasma, hyperpigmentation, age spots, sun spots, Dr Davin Lim has a long waiting list & hence may refer you to our cosmetic physicians for treatment. Dr Lim’s work is entirely procedural, working mainly with combination treatments of lasers & injectables, or in the management of complex pigmentation disorders. 

+What conditions are covered by Medicare?

Cosmetic conditions are not covered by Medicare. Medical conditions may be covered under Medicare, however the guidelines are complex. Conditions covered include-

  • CALM birthmarks
  • Ota birthmarks
  • Melasma peels (only if undertaken in an operating theater & performed by a specialist dermatologist under Medicare guidelines. This item number is outdated.)

Conditions not covered by Medicare include-

  • Laser treatment of melasma, Hori or post inflammatory hyperpigmentation
  • Laser treatment of freckles or sun damage, age spots, other pigment types

+How much can I get back from Medicare?

Providing you get a valid referral to see a dermatologist, you will get back-

  • $78 for the initial consultation.
  • Approximately $128 for birthmark treatments such as Ota nevus or CALM birthmarks

All other treatments, including age spots, sun spots, melasma & post inflammatory hyperpigmentation do not carry any Medicare rebate. 

+Can I claim on My Private Health Insurance?

Private health insurance in Australia does not cover any out-of-hospital based consultations or procedures. International private health insurance may cover some cases of pigment, namely medical conditions such as birthmarks.

+Is melasma treatment covered under Medicare?

No, melasma treatments are deemed cosmetic in nature & not covered under Medicare or private health insurance.  

Consultations by a dermatologist are partially covered, providing you get a valid referral. A referral can be from your GP or another doctor. 

+How much does it cost to treat melasma?

Melasma packages vary in price, depending on the treatment. 

  • Pico Melasma series: $2340 for 4 sessions. This is the most effective way to treat melasma. 
  • Single Pico laser treatment: $740 (melasma only). Best results are seen after a series of 4 sessions, spaced 2-4 weeks apart.
  • Q switch laser / dermal toning: from $1990 for 5 sessions or $500 per session.
  • Cosmelan Basic series: from $1190 for the peel. This is the fastest way to treat melasma, but it is not as effective as Pico laser.
  • Vi Precision Plus peel; $850 – $990: excellent peel for melasma.
  • LaseMD- Fraxel melasma settings: from $790 per session
  • LaseMD-Fraxel skin rejuvenation: from $990 per session

+How much is the Cosmelan Peel?

The Cosmelan Peel starts from $1190. This includes the in-office Cosmelan peel, followed by 3 months of full size skin care.