The Melasma Clinic

The Melasma Clinic is a boutique clinic in the Eastern Suburbs of Sydney, founded by Dr Van Park, global recognized cosmetic physician. This clinic combines the science of pigment management in a professional yet tranquil environment to ensure the best aesthetic journey is experienced by our patients.

About Us


Our experience

The Melasma Clinic is Australia’s destination for pigmentation treatments. Our dedicated team brings two decades of expertise and academic accomplishments actively contributing to the progress of pigmentary research and treatment innovation. Through peer-reviewed publications and active involvement in various pigmentary boards, we’ve successfully guided thousands of patients toward their skincare goals.

Our treatments

Our services cover the entire range of pigmentation treatments, chemical peels, skin care, supplementation and the most advanced pigment lasers available. Through a process of pigment identification & depth profiling we prescribe a tailored solution for each patient.

Our technology

We have the most technologically advanced lasers in Australia, ranging from picosecond lasers, through to short-pulsed nano lasers, fractional lasers, RF microneedling devices, vascular lasers & more.

The application process

We limit our patient intake to only 10 new cases a week. This ensures that top level clinical care can be delivered to our clients, ensuring your pigment treatment is provided in a timely manner without the turnover of usual cosmetic clinics.

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The Clinicians

Our team is committed to delivering exceptional results and providing outstanding customer service.

dr davin lim melasma clinic

Dr Davin Lim

Dermatologist | Sydney

Dr. Davin Lim, is a distinguished dermatologist renowned for his exceptional expertise and dedication to advancing the field of laser and procedural dermatology, with a particular focus on pigmentary conditions. Dr. Lim’s extensive training in the United States, Asia, Australia, and the United Kingdom has equipped him with a comprehensive understanding of dermatological principles and techniques.

With a prolific career spanning both national and international platforms, Dr. Lim has made significant contributions to the field through his publication of over 40 peer-reviewed papers and his role as a lecturer. His commitment to patient-centric care is evident in his clinical approach, which integrates both injectables and lasers to achieve outstanding results tailored to each individual.

Beyond his clinical practice, Dr. Lim is recognized as a key opinion leader for leading pharmaceutical and medical device companies, including Allergan, IBSA, Lutronic, Cynosure, and Lumenis. Through his leadership and expertise, Dr. Lim continues to shape the landscape of dermatology, providing innovative solutions and transformative outcomes for his patients worldwide.

dr van park melasma clinic

Dr Van Park

Cosmetic physician | Sydney

Dr. Van Park is a highly esteemed figure in the world of cosmetic medicine, boasting an impressive 20-year career dedicated to enhancing beauty and confidence. Renowned for her exceptional expertise, Dr. Park has perfected the art of injectables consistently delivering natural and stunning results.

In addition to her clinical prowess, Dr. Park is a sought-after lecturer and thought leader in the industry. Her innovative thinking and forward-looking approach have earned her a seat on numerous prestigious boards, where she actively contributes to shaping the future of cosmetic medicine. 

She is an industry entrepreneur having founded The Melasma Clinic and Match My Make Up.

dr vee mang sydney

Dr Vee Mang

Cosmetic physician | Sydney

Dr. Vee Mang is a highly regarded medical professional specializing in aesthetic medicine, with a particular focus on treating melasma and pigmentation issues. Her skills include laser dermatology, as well as incorporating natural medicine and holistic care into her practice. With a wealth of experience in addressing complex dermatological concerns, Dr. Mang is known for her expertise in effectively managing pigmentation disorders, helping her patients achieve radiant, even-toned skin. 

Her proficiency in utilizing advanced laser technologies ensures precise and tailored treatments for optimal results. Beyond conventional approaches, Dr. Mang is dedicated to integrating natural medicine and holistic care principles, providing comprehensive and personalized treatment plans. She has an unwavering commitment to excellence and her compassionate approach to enhancing both outer beauty and inner harmony.

alison melasma clinic

Alison Webb

Lead nurse | Melasma Clinic Brisbane

Alison is our lead clinician at Cutis Dermatology Brisbane with extensive experience in medical, surgical & procedural dermatology. Her experience in the field of pigment treatment is unsurpassed with mastery of generation 1, 2 & 3 pico lasers, fractional resurfacing, & chemical peels.

She has co-authored several research papers on the management of pigmentation using energy devices and is frequently seen on the lecture circuit.

lara melasma clinic

Lara Munns

Senior Nurse | Melasma Clinic Brisbane

Lara is a skilled Senior Laser Nurse at Cutis Dermatology Brisbane, specializing in advanced laser treatments for various dermatological concerns. Her experience in the field of pigment treatment is unsurpassed with mastery of generation 1, 2 & 3 pico lasers, fractional resurfacing, & chemical peels.

clinicians img

Dr Kate Gerahty

Cosmetic physician

Dr. Kate Gerahty, MBBS (Hons), is a distinguished aesthetic physician renowned for her expertise in facial assessment and injecting techniques. Her journey to the Sydney team was marked by a meticulous selection process, reflecting her exceptional skills recognized by Dr. Van, the team’s esteemed leader. Dr. Gerahty’s commitment to personalized care and continuous improvement has earned her the admiration of colleagues and patients alike. As a valued member of the team, she continues to empower patients to achieve their aesthetic goals with confidence and assurance.

clinicians img

Louise Thame

Lead Dermal therapist | Melasma Clinic Sydney

Meet Louise Thame, a seasoned dermal clinician with more than 14 years of experience in the dermatology field. With proficiency in a wide array of treatments, including pigment and vascular lasers, fractional lasers, HIFU facial contouring, and radiofrequency microneedling, Louise is a versatile asset to any team.

Her expertise extends to chemical peels, reflecting her deep passion for skincare and commitment to delivering comprehensive solutions. Louise’s dedication to her patients is unwavering, and she consistently strives for excellence to ensure the best possible results for each individual under her care.

The Visit

Don’t forget to bring any helpful information to your visit. This includes;

  • Your referral
  • Investigations
  • Notes from other clinics

Arrival times

We suggest you arrive 30 minutes before your appointment as parking can be a problem. Most patient’s Uber it, it is less stressful. Initial patient registration takes 5 minutes. Please call the practice if you are running late as this will impact patient appointments following your own appointment. Depending on the time constraints, the next patient may be seen before you, alternatively your appointment may need to be rescheduled.

Make up

Please remove your make up prior to your appointment. This is especially important as we require a clean surface to undertake polarized light microscopy to ascertain the type & depth of your pigment. Whilst makeup can be removed immediately prior to your consultation, we prefer to examine non-traumatized skin, as redness during your makeup removal process can compromise the accuracy of our clinical findings.

The consultation

Our clinical approach entails a structured consultation process to determine the cause of pigmentation, followed by a clinical examination & a comprehensive treatment plan. We allow 30 minutes for a new appointment.

Cancellations & failure to attend appointments

We understand that urgent matters pop up & last-minute cancellations are inevitable. Contact the clinic if you need to reschedule. The earlier the better. A fee will be charged for failing to attend your scheduled confirmed appointment, and for last minute cancellations of less than 24 hours’ notice, except for unavoidable circumstances. Inform us as early as possible if you are unable to attend your appointment to avoid incurring such fees.

Interstate & Overseas visitors

The Melasma Clinic sees patients from all around Australia & internationally. Our clinics are located 30 minutes from the domestic & international airport. If you are having procedures, take note of the timing. We suggest giving yourself at least 2 hours leeway, especially if you are having procedures.

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