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A specialist dermatology clinic dedicated to treatment of melasma & pigmentation.

  • Pigment is our passion.
  • Results are our drive.
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At The Melasma Clinic, treating pigmentation is our passion. With over 20 years of dermatology knowledge combined with the latest technology.

pig identity
Step One

Pigment Identification

Our clinicians clinically diagnose your concerns, paying close attention to the depth of pigment & the surrounding skin. We use specialized polarized lighting & microscopic dermatoscopy to understand the level & extent of hyperpigmentation.

active ingredient
Step Two

Active ingredient matching

We then customize a skin care formulation based upon your skin tone, pigment production & your skin sensitivities. This includes sunscreens, makeup & a range of scientifically proven pigment correctors.

tailored accelrated
Step Three

Tailored accelerated pigment clearance

Depending on the level & amount of pigment output, our clinicians will suggest a tailored approach of employing lasers and or chemical peels to clear melasma pigmentation These treatments amplify the gains from skincare actives speeding up pigment clearance.

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What types of Pigment disorders do we treat?

At The Melasma Clinic we treat all forms of pigmentation including

  • Melasma
  • Post inflammatory hyperpigmentation
  • Pigmented acne marks
  • Asian pigment & dyschromia
  • Age spots & sunspots
  • Birthmarks such as Ota & Cafe Au Lait Macules
  • Freckles
  • Hori
  • Ashy dermatosis, lichen planus pigmentosus

The Melasma Clinic is dedicated to removing all types of pigment, from melasma, post inflammatory pigment, & age spots in all skin types.

The Melasma ClinicHow experienced are we?

Our dermatologists & clinicians have over 20 years of experience in skin. We learn & lecture in Australia, the Middle East & in Asia.

The Melasma Clinic is also a research & development center for several leading-edge laser companies as we develop treatment protocols that are employed globally. Our clinicians are also involved in teaching dermatologists in training & produce several scientific publications annually.

dr davin lim melasma
dr davin lim melasma
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Our mostFrequently asked questions

Your questions, answered by our professional team. We believe in open transparency about Melasma and what we need to do in order to help your skin heal.

What is the fastest way to treat melasma?

When do we advocate Cosmelan peels over lasers?

What are other types of chemical peels for melasma?

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A SummaryHow we approach melasma

Dr Davin Lim | Dermatologist The Melasma Clinic, Brisbane | Sydney
The problem with melasma is that we still do not fully understand the cause. It is far more complex than the trio of genetics (DNA programmed) modified by epigenetics (environmental factors such as radiation & hormones. Though we can classify broad clinical variants like epidermal, dermal, & mixed melasma, & understand the histological features of this pigmentary disorder;

namely increased number of melanosomes within various layers of skin, background photodamage, increased amount of blood vessels, basement membrane compromise & melanocyte…

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We understand the frustration & burden of pigmentation. With over 20 years of dermatological experience, you can be assured that you will receive the best medical treatment for your pigmentation.

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The A-ZSkincare library

Understand what ingredients are available for treating melasma & other types of pigmentation. Here our dermatologist has compiled the most common ingredients found in your skin care.

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